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Our company is located in a natural environment surrounded by the sea and mountains .
We offer a wide variety of business activities to meet the needs of our employees. We also have a wide range of age groups, making it a lively and comfortable company to work for.

Business Content
  • ●Airport ground handling operations:
    Airport ground handling operations commissioned by ANA and Toho Airlines
    • ; Passenger department (boarding procedures, baggage check-in, passenger guidance, etc.)
    • ; Loading and unloading department (loading and unloading of cargo and mail, cargo counter operations, etc.)
  • ●Airport management operations:
    Maintenance and management of airport facilities (runways, etc.) commissioned by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
    *Similar operations are also commissioned for Miyakejima and Izu Oshima.
  • ●Restaurant operations
    , kitchen and hall duties
  • ●Cleaning agency operations
    , reception duties
Employment status
Full-time employees, part-time employees
Place of work
For details on wages, qualifications and other details at Hachijojima Airport
, please contact the following:
Hachijojima Airport Terminal Building Co., Ltd. General Affairs Department Recruitment Office
TEL: 04996-2-3311


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